Activities for Older Adults

Why is physical activity important for older adults?

Being physically active has countless benefits to both your body and your mind. The guidelines for the amount of physical activity adults and older adults should be doing is 75 minutes per week of vigorous intensity exercise or 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise.

Some of the benefits of physical activity include:

  • improved sleep
  • helps maintain healthy weight
  • helps manage stress levels
  • improves quality of life
  • decreased chance of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers

Please look at the activities below to see what is on offer within Charnwood to help you stay physically active.

What do we offer?

Seated Physical Activities You Can Do At Home

Sam, from the Active Charnwood team has devised a booklet full of seated activities you can do from the comfort of your own home. The exercises can be tailored to all abilities, including those with poor mobility.

To receive a physical activity pack which includes the leaflet and a stress ball please email Sam or Mat on or call 01509 634673

Face to face activities are being reintroduced as Covid-19 restrictions and conditions allow. Please click on the activities you're interested above for details of each session.

The online content created during the pandemic will remain available online. Please click the links below to view.

For ideas and support to keep active at home visit Healthy at Home and follow us on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and YouTube.

The links below may remain useful, although some content may now be out of date, please click through to find out more.

Support for your sports clubs, organisations or businesses during Covid-19 business-organisation-and-club-s

General information and updates from the Council during Covid-19

Support for your business please visit

Support for the most vulnerable in the community, and to help volunteer,

Updated: 28/07/2021