Andy's story

Andy cycling

We asked Andy if he and his family have been out during the lockdown, if he'll be continuing cycling once the lockdown eases, what his favourite route is and does if he has any cycling tips?

This is Andy's story..

Have you been out cycling during the lockdown, and how have you found it?

Yes I have been out cycling on numerous occasions, more than I would normally, these routes have taken me around local villages area's on average taking 2 hrs, over a distance of between 6/7 miles.

If you'd been out cycling more do you think you'll continue to do so once the lockdown eases?

Yes, I plan to do more Cycling, with my family & friends, I am even considering purchasing a new bike, and at some point would live go on a Cycling adventure Holiday, or complete a Coast to Coast Challenge!

What is a favourite cycling route for yourself and/or family?

My favourites routes are my local country park which picked up numerous routes over a distance of 19miles, or along the Tissington Trail.

Can you say a few words about a memorable cycling experience you've had - whether recent or in the past?

Most memorable & enjoyable Cycling experience was a fundraising day with a group of Derby University students, the challenge being to cycle from Buxton – Derby University Campus to the Derby City campus, great experience cycling thro ugh the rolling Derbyshire Hills.

Do you have any cycling tips you'd like share?

Just get out there & enjoy and don't worry about how you look, but how good it makes you feel!

Thanks Andy!

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