Active Lifestyle Referral Scheme

The Active Lifestyle Referral Scheme is our partnership with Fusion-Lifestyle, G.P. Practices and other Health Care Professionals, with the support of the NHS Leicestershire County and Rutland.

The scheme offers people who are inactive or have a condition that could benefit from physical activity the opportunity to participate in exercise, including gentle exercise to music, circuits, aqua aerobics, gym based sessions, walking, Zumba gold and t'ai chi.

This page contains information on the scheme, costs, eligibility and how to join. If you would like more information please contact Tina Coles, Active Lifestyle Co-ordinator on:

Heart Smart Cardiac Rehab Scheme

Heart Smart is a Cardiac Rehabilitation Scheme ran by us and Fusion Lifestyles, in partnership with the following organisations:

  • NHS Leicestershire County and Rutland
  • University Hospitals of Leicester
  • Selected G.P Practices

This page has information on costs, elegibility and how to join. For more information please contact Carol Dixon on: