Active Lifestyle Referral Scheme

Active Lifestyle Referral classes have restarted. New Referrals are now being accepted.

Unfortunately we will not be in receipt of any referrals sent after March 2020. If these patients still wish to participate in the exercise referral scheme, please send a new referral after June 21st.

The online content created during the pandemic will remain available online. Please click the links below to view.

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The links below may remain useful, although some content may now be out of date, please click through to find out more.

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General information and updates from the Council during Covid-19

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Support for the most vulnerable in the community, and to help volunteer,

Updated: 28/07/2021

Heart Smart Cardiac Rehab Scheme

Our leisure centre provider Fusion Lifestyle are currently are not accepting referrals for Cardiac Rehab programmes at present, however we are accepting referrals on to community based cardiac rehab sessions led by Carol Dixon, see below for more information.

For ideas and support to keep active at home please visit our Healthy at Home page

Heart Rehab Community Sessions

Your heart in my hands programme, is a customized programme designed specifically for people who have been diagnosed with a heart condition or have undergone heart surgery.

The programme is here to support encourage and motivate you. Being diagnosed with a heart condition can have, not only a physical but psychological effect on both you and your family's life. I will help you through your journey to reach the best level of health and well-being that you can. I will endeavour to provide an enjoyable, safe, and effective exercise programme. If you feel that Your heart in my hands programme, is for you please contact me and I will provide you with the relevant information that you need to join the programme. For more information;

Carol Dixon

Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist Instructor


Mobile 07927 769 422