Kerry's story

We asked Kerry about her recent and past cycling experience, here is her story.

Kerry has been cycling since a young age. She says:

"Always loved going on my bike as kid that was the only way to get round fast!! Had a paper round to earn some cash 😊 loved cycling so I got the family to join in from a young age and would always go out on bikes as a family to school, shops or treat to McDonalds etc. Love to chuck the bikes on the roof rack and make a pack up and make a day of it at Cannock chase or Rutland water"

Have you been out cycling during the lockdown, and how have you found it?

  • "Yes, it's been amazing to actually get to go out and enjoy the time cycling. I have been out every week at least 3 times on various bike rides with my children. It was important to keep them active and fit without killing each other at home during lockdown. As we normally visit places that are family friendly with good bike routes/lanes or off road location, so initially to gain road confidence we had shorter local journeys at first. Now they are happy to ride both on and off roads with confidence up to 15 miles per ride and always go to different places to explore its surprising what on your door step!!! We have seen a huge increase of cyclists using of all ages and abilities"

If you'd been out cycling more do you think you'll continue to do so once the lockdown eases?

  • "Before Lock down I had thought about biking to work but unable to do the whole journey, a week before lock down I had planned my route to enable me to cycle half my journey to work. I plan to ride 2-3 a week during the lighter months once Lockdown eases 😊 "

What is a favourite cycling route for yourself and/or family?

Can you say a few words about a memorable cycling experience you've had - whether recent or in the past?

"Where do I start, I have so many ……. Here's a few:

  • First family Sky-Ride - Watermead Park 5 miles. Very memorable – the twins had just had recently had their stabilisers removed. We thought the ride would be perfect for our family, all was going well until one of the twins began to wobble and cycled straight into a wall. More practice needed to manoeuvre around bends, after a few tears she was happily pedaling away
  • Family ride with CBC - I was supporting colleagues Mat and Jo when I kindly offered my bike to one the participants who had a puncture on the return journey. I ended up pushing their bike all the way along to the Garendon trail to Shepshed!
  • Last week I took the girls on a 10 mile ride, my handle bars started to become loose at mile 4!!! By mile 6, I was very wobbly to say the least. It was a fight to keep my handle bars upright and not wobble off the bike. Luckily I got to a garage to kindly let me use their Allen-keys. Phew a close call – TOP TIP: ALWAYS TAKE ALLEN-KEYS WITH YOU!!!

Do you have any cycling tips you'd like share?

  • Always take food and snacks when the kids are in tow !! its amazing how far the kids will go with the promise and bribes of sweets 😝
  • Always take a puncture kit and and set of Allen-keys with you – you never know when you may need it
  • Plan your route, ideally with a pack up and pub stop or somewhere to get ice creams
  • Get your friends and families involved you'll end up making some lovely memories

Thanks Kerry!

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